Scish IRC Network


To connect, point your IRC client here:

Individual servers can be found here. Sometimes it is worth connecting directly to some server, if it is close to you by route.

Why using Scish IRC Network?

There are tons of IRC networks all around the globe. Main networks remain popular year after year. One may wonder why choose some not-so-popular network instead? Reasons vary, but here are few traits of having small network:

So why hesitate. Take Scish IRC Network as your new home. Bring your channel and your friends and projects here.

That's great, but why specifically Scish IRC Network?

Well, those special needs you might have, they are the beef. You need homepage for your channel here, we hook you up with that. You have some cool project which needs some hosting, we have expertise there. Some special tools needed (webchat, bug tracker, bot, just to name few), we have resources to help with those. Needing to find solid userbase for your project, active community members (other Scish users that is) are always eager to try out new things and be involved.

Is there any reason not to start using Scish IRC Network?